About Our Organization


HSTJ is a private, volunteer organization,  It is a Mexican "Asociacion Civil" and receives no
financial support from the government.  It is supported solely by its volunteers and private
donors.  It has no paid employees and administrative costs such as office space, storage,
telephones, computers, printing, postage and U.S. mail box rental are paid for personally
by the directors and volunteers.  Thus, all donations go directly to pay for animal care such
as veterinary care, medications, flea and tick control, parasite treatments, special hygiene
needs and special foods when food donations run low.  HSTJ is a non-profit organization,
chartered in Mexico and has the tax status of a not-for-profit-civil association with the
following Mexican tax I.D. number [R.F.C.]: HHS060901AY7.


While independent groups and individuals both in Mexico and those coming on occasion
from the United States, provide a valuable and much appreciated service, they alone
cannot bring about the changes necessary for public animal shelter reform and better
anti-cruelty law enforcement.  HSTJ recognizes the need to have a comprehensive animal
welfare organization that addresses the pressing issues of abandoned, abused and
unwanted animals through ongoing work with the city's public health department,
department of Antiarabico [public shelter] as well as offering public education programs
which include collaboration with politicians and city functionaries.